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Our company, based in Volargne (Verona), has been operating for over 20 years in the field of marble, granite, agglomerates and natural stone, and is specialized in the sale of slabs, flooring, tiles and finishes both in the Italian and international market.

Marimar works together with architects and designers to offer a start-to-finish customer service in terms of both research of materials and quality control.

Corporate Office – Showroom:

Via Napoleone, 67
Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, 37015, Verona, Italy
t. +39 045 773 2288 | f.  +39 045 773 2199

Registered Office:

Via Pegrosse 508/D
Volargne di Dolcé 37020 Verona, Italy
t. +39 045 773 2288 | f. +39 045 773 2199
VAT.N. 02634540237

Damiano Baldassari

Chief Executive Officer

A founder of Marimar, Damiano is a slab specialist, project developer and production manager with a wide knowledge of the Italian and German markets. At Marimar, he oversees operations and resources.

Renato Baldassari

Chief Financial Officer

A shareholder of Marimar, Renato is a slab specialist with a 30 year-long experience in the Italian and German markets, and manages the financial department.

Francesco Baldassari

Chief Technology Officer

A procurement manager and design specialist, Francesco manages international customer relationships and is responsible for overseeing the internal organizational processes.

Giuseppe Marchi

Sales Specialist

A backbone of Marimar, Giuseppe is a slab specialist and a German market expert who tirelessly takes care of any need his costumers might have.