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Natural Born Wonder

Each pattern of natural stone is identical only to itself — and this is the reason why this material never ceases to amaze. At Marimar, we channel that feature, unique to marble, to turn spaces into emotions.

Since 1995, our company is specialized in the sourcing, supply, production and manufacturing of high-end marble, granite, agglomerates, and natural stones. Thanks to our knowledge and network, we assist our customers with continuous support and advice from start to finish — and beyond. 

To make this happen, we rely on our 20 year-long expertise in procurement, manufacturing know-how, and design, as well as on the collaboration with the finest architects and designers. Because, when it comes to stone, what truly makes the difference is the craftsmanship of turning creative ideas into actual products.


Stone is sustainable by nature: what’s not, is its sourcing and manufacturing. At Marimar, we take this challenge seriously and aim to constantly improve our approach to sourcing, scouting materials that match beauty and uniqueness with functionality and durability, and supplying products that fulfill human taste while respecting the environment. 

Embodying Marimar’s material interpretation and philosophy, Stones is an ever-evolving, curated selection of materials that comes in different finishes and for a variety of purposes.


Uniqueness doesn’t come from one single mind — it’s always the result of collaboration with others. That’s why, to unleash the endless possibilities of natural stone, we combine our in-house expertise with the talent and fresh approach of the finest professionals. 

Design is a yearly collection of design pieces created in collaboration with an exclusive pool of talented designers. Released during Milan Design Week, it is the result of thorough design research, application of the latest technologies, and combination of different materials.

Trust a solid choice

What are the main qualities of natural stone? What is the role of Marimar in the marble district of Verona? Our corporate vision is clear and based on strong principles, which start with a deep knowledge of the material and arrive to the offer of services based on quality, consultancy, know-how, reliability and flexibility.

Trust a solid choice contains a six-point manifesto and a video interview with one of Marimar chiefs that explain the values that the company brings every day into the marble industry.


Every piece of stone has its perfect spot — and we think we know how to find it. 

Works collects the interior and architectural projects we are the most proud to have contributed to through our consultancy, materials, and products. This section distills Marimar’s distinctive interpretation of stone and ability to craft emotional environments.