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Spider Green Ing

A touch of Himalayan tropical forests

Its green background and a dense net of white and light green cracks create a fresh, natural ambience. Discover More
Breccia Imperiale Ing

Deep in the woods

Its dark, brown background is dotted by golden, black or white accents which evoke the colors of the fall foliage. Discover More
Black Chasm Ing

The darkest hour of the night

Like volcanic sand, or black panther fur, this material gives spaces a dark, minimalist elegance. Discover More
Avorio Ing

A barefoot walk on the sand

Its pale beige colour creates a warm and light ambience, reconciling an elegant yet relaxed atmosphere. Discover More
Thala Grey Ing

A natural alternative to concrete

This natural stone brings to mind of the wide, pristine, saline lakes, creating a contemporary and bright atmosphere. Discover More