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Thala Grey

Technical Features
Risorsa 93

Heat resistant.

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Leather – the rich, sophisticated texture of leather can be applied to stone as well. This finishing, whose result vary based on the stone itself, makes the surface matte, smooth, and stain resistant.

Bush hammer – this finishing creates a pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock.

Tranché – this finishing is created by slightly scratching the surface both vertically and horizontally. The final result is an artificial interweaving effect that resembles a fabric texture.

A natural, sophisticated alternative to concrete

Thala Grey is a Tunisian limestone renown for its light grey background, lightened up by subtle over-tone patterns. This natural stone brings to mind of the wide, pristine, saline lakes, creating a contemporary and bright atmosphere with a minimal, yet dynamic, touch.

Thala Grey will give any interior an industrial look, thanks to its grey shade, and warm feeling, thanks to its texture. Among the many uses, floors is the one we like the most: a sober but sophisticated kitchen floor blends perfectly in a neutral ambience with pastel-coloured furniture and walls, counterbalanced by heavy coloured objects and ornaments. The personality of this material is enhanced by tranché ® finishing, or laying patterns.

Stone is subject to changes in shade, and veining. We pay the utmost attention to ensuring consistency of colour and pattern, but these may slightly vary — that’s what makes natural stones unique.