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Marble Stories II

Marimar together with Italian-Brazilian designers Ronald Sasson, Giorgio Bonaguro and Gustavo Martini continue their common exhibition project, strengthening the link between Brazil and Italy, in which their styles interact to tell, also through the use of light, different stories around a single precious material that is marble. 

To further emphasize the relationship between the two countries the raw material chosen is totally Brazilian. Different kind of tropical stones with their original and particular textures, have been transformed into sculptural products thanks to the expert Italian craftsmen from Marimar.

Marimar - Pol Circle - Sasson - 2019

Pol Circle

Supported by a research on Kinetic Art and its direct relationship to comfort and well-being in design, Ronald Sasson has observed the work of the Belgian artist Pol Bury and has created a series of illuminated halos that are repeated in a cohesive and concentric way in a rhythmic and repetitive movement.

Ronald Sasson

Born in Curitiba, Ronald Sasson moved in Paris at the age of eighteen, where he got in touch with conceptual and neo-experimental art galleries. Through further international experiences has immersed himself in the world of design in a self-taught way.

All his works are signed by a peculiar trait representing the merge between his authorial artistic base with the industrial and replication possibilities.


Working around the theme of movement, with the intention of making dynamic and light a material considered as solid and static, Bonaguro has developed Equilibrium, a collection/installation of luminous sculptures made in marble.

Inspired on the one hand by the minimalist sculpture of artists such as John Mccracken, Carl Andre or Dan Flavin, and on the other hand to the curved and enveloping forms of Brazilian architecture, the three sculptures represent different instants of the same movement, the still life of an unstable balance where every static moment becomes dynamic.

Giorgio Bonaguro

Bonaguro graduated at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, in the double Master of Industrial and Interior Design. After working in many design studios, he now collaborates with several companies and develops limited editions presented at international fairs such as Design Miami/Basel, London Design Festival and Operae.

He works between Italy and Brazil in the field of product design, interior design, exhibition and lighting, trying to combine a linear style with research and contamination between materials.

Marimar - Equilibrium - Bonaguro - 2019
Marimar - Italic - Martini - 2019


Italic is a collection of luminous sculptures that explores the aesthetic aspects of the typographic universe. After a careful study of this universe, the main idea in which the writing system is created to communicate a specific subject is modified, to propose it again in order to become the subject in itself.

Each symbol is composed of main sections and transversal lines at the ends, as a remnant of the Serifs. In this way the author suggests the public to observe, moving away from traditional codes.

Gustavo Martini

Gustavo Martini was born in Rio de Janeiro, city by which he is deeply influenced. His creations explore indeed the contrasts of this chaotic metropolis and its mixed realities.

Martini has transferred his studio to Milan after completing a Master graduation at Istituto Marangoni. He explores concepts, forms and volumes to create a stripped experimental language recognizable in his products and art installations.