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Boulder Grey

Technical Features
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Heat, absorption, scratch and strain agents resistant.

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Leather – the rich, sophisticated texture of leather can be applied to stone as well. This finishing, whose result vary based on the stone itself, makes the surface matte, smooth, and stain resistant.

Polish – this finishing enhances the natural stone’s pattern and shades. The result is a bright surface with a refined look.

Coal at high altitude

Boulder Grey is an exotic quartzite originating from Paranà.  The contrast between white and grey  is amplified by the almost geometric conglomerate pattern.  The texture, energetic and rigorous, recalls the sooty embers.  Boulder Grey is undoubtedly a stone that stands out for its texture destined to characterize the environment in which it is used.

Boulder Grey is a material, suitable above all for cladding, despite its hardness making it suitable even for the most intense uses.  It is ideal for the fireplace of a mountain chalet, in fact its inert appearance, typical of a rocky wall, still retains an intrinsic warmth.  If combined with other wooden furnishings and accessories with earth tones, it can thus create a space perfused by natural elements.

Stone is subject to changes in shade and veining. We pay the utmost attention to ensuring consistency of colour and pattern, but these may slightly vary — that’s what makes natural stones unique.