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Technical Features
Risorsa 93

Heat resistant.

Risorsa 106
Risorsa 113
Risorsa 111

Leather – the rich, sophisticated texture of leather can be applied to stone as well. This finishing, whose result vary based on the stone itself, makes the surface matte, smooth, and stain resistant.

Honed – this finishing gives a smooth touch and an opaque, yet even, look to the stone’s surface.

Bush hammer – this finishing creates a pockmarked texture that resembles naturally weathered rock.

A barefoot walk on the sand

Avorio is Croatian limestone whose pale beige colour creates a warm and light ambience. Its homogenous structure matches the contemporary aesthetic and helps creating an elegant yet informal ambience with a relaxed mood.

With its creamy shade, Avorio evokes the sinuous sand waves of summer beaches. From floors to walls, it turns wide surfaces into a burst of light. The neutral but warm ground tone matches with a grey classic kitchen and hanging wall units. The set is completed by white or light blue chairs and sofa. Enhance its personality by adding black joints or combining it with dark details, such as dark wood floors or black walls.

Stone is subject to changes in shade, and veining. We pay the utmost attention to ensuring consistency of colour and pattern, but these may slightly vary — that’s what makes natural stones unique.